Wednesday, May 20, 2009

probably the only "left brain" post you will ever see on this blog!

i am NOT an engineer, folks. i am very nearly alllllllllllll right brain. actually, this might explain why i have serious chiropractic difficulties with my neck: my head may well be unevenly weighted in consequence! :)

however, i did make the giant tri-fold cupcake you see in the post above, in one GIANT piece, in pretty much one shot. since nothing remotely like this will ever happen again, i'm sort of proud. mind you, there was quite a bit of cheating involved. i mention this in the spirit of fairness, and also to cheer up anyone else who is as NOT-engineer-ish as myself: there's almost ALWAYS a way to cheat...and that's where the right brain comes into it's own, baby!!!

1. trace small cupcake onto scrap paper. scan & enlarge cupcake 280%. print two copies onto index stock & cut out.

2. trace giant cupcake onto a folded sheet of 12x18" index stock so that the cupcake top overlaps the bottom by several inches. make sure to allow for a hinge of several inches at the top and bottom folds. cut out.

3. decorate inside and outside of cupcake with coordinating patterned papers. allow one sheet on front and one sheet on back to overlap each hinge for reinforced strength.

4. use letter stickers to place greeting inside card. adhere basic grey magnetic closures on the inside of top and bottom portion of card so they line up and hold the card closed.

5. cut an additional cupcake top from decorative stock-weight patterned paper. use a large prima crystal flourish to trace "icing swirls" on back. pierce swirls and handstitch with needlepoint yarn. add layered flowers and decorative brad to top of cupcake. mount panel to front of card. (see pictures of finished card in post above.)


  1. CUUUUTE!! I'm sooooo gonna do this! :D


  2. pshaw! I think you undersell the capabilities of your left brain missus! This is truly triffic.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial...ya knew I probably would have asked :)

  4. Not bad for a mosty-right-brained person! (I only had 4 typos in that very short sentence ... need ... coffee ...)


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