Sunday, May 31, 2009

i have no idea what it is...

...but i think i kind of like it!

(almost everything here is either current or vintage ephemera & 95% of it was sitting on my desk waiting to be put away...the chinese text & picture were from a michaels' collage pack; the postage & trading stamps plus sheet music & silver foil paper are vintage; the fabric & buttons are from a gym shirt i recently "retired" to the rag bag; the fruit stickers were on the apple i ate immediately after finishing my collage...the brand in question is a "pink lady" which i found quite hilarious in the circumstances!; rubber stamps: stampin' up; flowers: prima & michaels; gems: mambi; ribbon & feather: michaels; adhesives: uhu gluestick, gluedots, staples)

yes indeedy, i have said it before (LOTS of times!) and i will no doubt say it again (LOTS of times!!!) and yet here i am saying it now (just the once!):

art play is *NOT* a luxury!!!

at least, it isn't for me. sometimes it's an absolute necessity for me to sit at my desk & spend 45 minutes furiously & randomly stamping and glueing & stapling bits of paper & fabric & buttons & flowers to each other with no goal or destination in mind.

note to self: get yourself back to daily art journalling.

second, more emphatic note to self: stop *saying* that and actually DO IT!!!

third, and completely unrelated note to self: it wouldn't kill you to dust more often, either! :)


  1. Dusting...yuck. I have no problem scrubbing bathrooms, but I despise dusting. Luckily my step-sister likes dusting and not bathrooms, so that worked out well as part of our weekly chores in our teen years.

    I am so glad you got some creative therapy time. Rescuing gems from an old tee and using fruit stickers? Yes, you are my art hero. When you start teaching classes on creating Lauren style, I want to be the first student who signs up.

    Your adoring public demands you get back to daily art journaling and blogging it :)

  2. wowza this...I'm diggin' the asian touch :) you always do such fantabulous work sista...

    You do totally rock at this art play, and after June I'd be second to sign up for you classes....though they would have to be available on-line :)
    Seriously though, you really are very, very talented and I love coming here to see what you have made...this one made my day :) ♥

  4. Pink Lady's like it was meant to be! lol!

    Well whatever this is it's gorgeous! so soft and dreamy, I just love it!

    Paper play is a necessity for me too! It's like therapy, only cheaper! (well, maybe cheaper)

    (-: Heidi

  5. Oooh, I love that! so fresh and fun, it rocks!


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