Monday, May 18, 2009

52Q: 18

i am still very much digging emily falconbridge's 52Q project. i don't always get to make my card during the week each question debuts, but i enjoy thinking about whatever the current one is, and planning what i will do when i have the time. the week before last was a goodie! i learned from paper adventure last year how cool it is to "freeze" a little moment of everyday life now and again, as a reminder of what you were doing right then.

i started out with my genuine, used, crumpled, green-postie-note "to-do" list from a random day that week, but sadly it met with a little accident when i thought i could adhere paper to both sides of the playing card and only cut out once. (HA!) i probably should have photo-ed the result, because it was kind of hilarious! you know that i rarely take a "do over" on personal projects, but this one really was just a bit too helen-keller-meets-edward-scissorhands for my taste, so i decided to start again, from the beginning!

question 18 - what's on your to-do list this week?

(many papers all in teeeeeeeny scraps...clockwise from top left: origami, dcwv, bg, mme, bg, christina cole, scrapbook wizrd, sei, bgX2, creative imaginations; letter stickers from an office supply shop, "liberated" from work

and yes, it's easy to make a perfect starburst if you just measure and mark around the perimeter...but for some reason...i just tend to eyeball and cut wedges! old forth & so on...


  1. So pretty! And you can't convince me YOURS is not a perfect star burst; before I scrolled down to read that portion of the post I was admiring how well you manage to cut and adhere triangular pieces and not leave gaps!!!

  2. Aha...but you have executed thee perfect artistic sunburst my dear....magnificent work! Happy Monday sista!

  3. Love the ATC for making a list... the colors are fantastic and love the large black letters on top. Had a lot of punch to it.

  4. Fun and funky and would make a list of things to do much less dreadful to look at!! :> I have not seen the 52Q project yet, so I'm off to go check it out!! :>

  5. This is awesome! I am woefully behind in this project, but I have good intentions to get caught up next week once the craft room is finished. There are so many great questions I can't wait to get back into it. You continue to be an inspiration to me :)

  6. Gosh, I just burst out laughing when I read your "helen-keller-meets-edward-scissorhands" remark - unfortunately I just finished my card #8 (yes, I'm trying to catch up with all the questions...) and glued this picture to it.


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