Monday, September 5, 2022

Happy Labor Day

It's a very vivid two-fer of watercolors this Mandala Monday, featuring five of my favorite shades of Simon Hurley create. Dye Ink Pads from Ranger. For this method, I "smoosh" the ink pads (individually) onto a palette and use a waterbrush to pick up the color and paint with it. Since watercolor lends itself to adding color in increments, and since it's highly preferable to add outlines and doodles on top of DRY watercolor, it's not a bad idea to start two pieces at the same time, so you have something to do while one or the other is in the drying phase!*

Simon Hurley create. Dye Ink Pads in Prom Queen, Guppy, Shooting Star, Overzealous 
and Remember Me on 5.25" watercolor panels. Outlined with Letter It Fineliners; 
White Paint Pen details.


*You can, obviously, use a heat tool to speed up this process, but if you're watching an exciting British mystery on Acorn TV, the noise will not be appreciated by your fellow viewers. If you DO use a heat tool, be sure to dry the back of your work as well as the front; watercolor paper has long fibers specially intended to hold and wick moisture.   

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