Sunday, September 12, 2021

Merci Bouquet

I've been loving the new Wendy Vecchi Archival Inks from Ranger, and having a lot of fun using Periwinkle, Goldenrod and English Ivy... a trio which were literally made to go together! Today I've added in two older WV shades, Cactus Flower and Watering Can, and used the "Bravo" Stamp, Die and Stencil Set to create an oversized floral still life collage.

As someone who is not what you'd call a natural colorer, I love using the coordinating stencils to lay down my base color, then stamping the correct floral image on top, and using the die to cut the whole thing out. For this card, I built a background from random layers of torn book paper; added a vellum vase and stamped some of my flowers on text paper. 

If you want to create an instant "scene" it's a really good idea to add a horizon line, which literally grounds the other elements in your design. My tabletop was created by masking off an area about 1.5" from the base of my card, adding detail with the diagonal stripes stencil from Wendy's "Birthday Bash" set, then covering that part of the design with some ancient and quite translucent washi tape. After I had assembled the vase and all its flowers, I added a finishing touch of texture and shine by applying Perwinkle Liquid Pearls to the dots within the flourish stamp.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that I like big cards and some of the ones I make don't actually fit in standard envelopes. I don't worry too much about that.* This one is 6.5x8" and will either get displayed on top of a wrapped gift or I'll make a custom envelope for it.  

*Except at Christmastime, that is, when I mail out about sixty cards. I've been trying harder, in the last few years, to make the majority of my holiday greetings flat enough to mail for a dollar or less. ('s a work in progress, lol...)

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