Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Gnome Alone?

This fortnight at Shopping Our Stash the challenge is called, "GNOME Doubt About It" and if you've guessed we'd like to see gnomes, you're partially right; in fact ANY magical creature will qualify, so dragons, mermaids, yeti, fairies and leprechauns are all fair game. As would a unicorn, like I've got right here:

Before you ask: YES, I composed that entire, very long, sentiment by adding ancient Kelly Purkey and Doodlebug alphabet stickers one at a time, starting at the bottom and working backwards; and YES, I am crazy. Glad we got that out of the way, lol. But I genuinely do love stickers as much now as I did when I was ten, so while it was a longish job, I enjoyed it. You'll notice my background is lined paper, (it's real notebook paper, backed with cardstock) and that's not just a cute design statement; I would never even consider using so many letter stickers if I had to measure or worry about keeping them straight! The unicorn, sunshine and rainbow are all from Gina K. Designs' Unicorn Wishes stamp set, which seems to have gone out of print, but I still love it, so there. I've scattered a few Eyelet Outlet silver Star Sequins about to amp up the "magical" vibe; I've also used clear Stickles quite liberally throughout, but you can't tell from the photo.

Be sure to visit the mythical land we call SOS and see what the magical design team has created to inspire you, then join us!


  1. Another winner, love 💘 this card. Love the sentiment words to live by. Beautifully done vard

  2. WOWOWOWOW you have SOME patience there missus to do that letter by letter!
    So worth the effort, it's unicorny-rainbowness is awesome!


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