Friday, March 12, 2021

The Holly and the Ivy

We're big fans of foliage at Jingle Belles, so we like to sneak in a prompt each year that features Christmassy greens. Of course, in addition to literal holly and ivy, you can work in pine boughs, mistletoe, poinsettias* or for that matter, you can make a wreath from anonymous leafy punches... just think festive foliage and you're good to go!

This beautiful panel of holly, berries and mistletoe was the background of a card someone sent me this past xmas. I'm not sure how it got mixed into a pile of paid bills on my desk, but I was excited to find it just in time to make this week's card. I added an Authentique journal card, a few diecut greens, super skinny red mats and a trio of Eyelet Outlet Poinsettia Brads and my flat, mailable masterpiece was complete!

Jump over to Jingle Belles to see Stephanie's card and start planning what you will link up with us this fortnight!

*Did you know that technically poinsettias are all foliage, even the red or pink parts which look like flowers?!


  1. Gorgeous image beautiful card, If I don't overthink I might get one done earlier than 20 minutes to spare (like last one)


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