Wednesday, March 10, 2021

An EGG-cellent Easter

Easter cards are an excellent place for puns! You can go with someBUNNY, anyBUNNY, everyBUNNY and bring in Rabbit Brads or Pastel Rabbits. On the other hand, if you switch over to Chick Brads and bring in Colored Eggs (or ordinary Egg Brads, for that matter) that gets you even more EGG-citing, EGG-stra special of EGG-cellence, like this card! To make it more of a little landscape I've added a Sun and Cloud Brad as well as some Mini Stitched Flowers, tucked behind layers of punched grass.

For an even faster background, you can always grab Easter Egg Tape, Egg Washi, or one of our Rabbit Washi or Bunny Tape varieties in the Eyelet Outlet Store!

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