Friday, February 26, 2021

Tons of Tape

This weekend (Feb 26-28) we are celebrating Paper Anthology's Creation Inspiration Weekend on the PA Facebook Page. There will be *TEN* different creative challenges, as well as chats, trivia and more. I'm the hostess for Challenge #2: Washi Wonderland; for which... (you may already have guessed, lol) ...we'd like to see cards and layouts that feature decorative tape. It just so happens I have one or two rolls laying around:

I've used nineteen (19!) tapes on this card, which, on the one hand, is quite a lot of tape; but on the other hand, is a mere fraction of my collection. (I'm never sure if I should be proud or embarrassed about a statement like that?) Your project obviously does not have to feature so many tapes, nor does your background have to be entirely made of rainbow shades, but... if you have LOTS of tape and would like to use a bit, this is a good way to go! :)


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