Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Blingy Birdhouse

Eyelet Outlet Bling and Flowers are obviously awesome finishing touches to cards, layouts and giftwrapping;  but they are equally nice when they come off the page and onto 3D projects. Like a super-fancy Bijou Bird Boutique!

This project started life as a plain balsa birdhouse from the big box crafting store, and the sitting tenant is a small bird from the floral department. I dabbed white paint along the edges and added panels of collaged vintage paper (accented with old-school paper doilies) to the front, back, sides and roof. Then it was time to embellish!

I made two stacks using all three sizes of white Paper Flowers with Bumpy Heart Bling centers, to accent the righthand slope of the roof.

I used an entire pack of clear Swirl Bling! But by trimming the pieces apart carefully, I was able to place a large flourish, covering most of the lefthand slope of the roof AND still have enough pieces to add bling to every surface of the house. To make them appear even more substantial, I split the smaller flourishes into halves or thirds, so that they seem to "wrap around" the corners of the house.

Swirl Bling comes in seven jewel colors (Clear, Red, Green, Pink, Purple Black and Champagne) and four pearl colors (Black, White, Gold and Silver); no matter what style of project you're dreaming up, Eyelet Outlet has Bling, Sequins or Enamels that will embellish it beautifully!


  1. I LOVE fun! I have just the spot on my table for this little cutie, LOL!

  2. Awesome project! I bet that little birdie is in love with it's new beautiful digs!


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