Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Be Mine!

Valentines are some of my favorite cards to make, especially since I have a niece whose birthday is February 14th. Like me, she loves lots of color and sparkle, so I have pulled out all the stops for this card and used eight different Eyelet Outlet brad styles with ten varieties of (pink!) washi tape!

I started by choosing a center point on my 6" square card to be the connection for my starburst of different tapes. Then I somewhat randomly layered a bunch of my favorite Valentine-friendly designs, concentrating on those which had lots of pink in them, including: Tiny Heart Tape, Glitter Heart Tape, Glitter Pink, Macaron Washi, Unicorn Tape, Foil Rose Tape, Heart Arrow Tape, Pink Dot Washi, Checked Pink Tape and Gold Foil XO Tape, which is technically not at all pink, but worked well anyway.

Then I added my diecut heart, a Hello Kitty cut-out, and glitter alphabet sentiment over the place where all of the tapes met. Finally, it was time to add the brads. Again, I went mostly by color, but luckily there were lots of things that matched which I know Miss Riley loves, such as: Heart Brads, Donut Brads, a starfish from the Sea Shore Brads, the pink glittery tiara from the Crown and Tiara set, an Ice Cream Brad and a Stitched Flower.

Whatever color your Valentine loves best, I bet there are a bunch of fun Eyelet Outlet Brads and Washi Tape Styles that will coordinate perfectly! ♥


  1. What an awesome valentine!!! Did you colour Hello Kitty? your use of washi tapes and brads are fantastic, super card and she will just love it.


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