Friday, November 6, 2020

A Midnight, CLEAR

Can you tell from the title what this fortnight's brief is at Jingle Belles? If you think that we'd like you to incorporate at least one see-through element, then YES, you have guessed correctly! So what could you use for this? glass, acrylic transparencies, vellum, acetate or "ghost" shapes, lucite, shrink plastic... basically, if you can see through it (and figure out how to attach it!!!) you're good to go.

Since I'm lucky enough to still have a bit of a collection of well-hoarded Hambly Transparencies (mostly thanks to Stephanie who is brilliant at finding small caches of them all over the midwest!) I made a 6" square card from one of them, then added vintage collage elements and diecuts on top. I hadn't planned for this to turn out entirely neutral colors, but it is fun for a change; especially since I have an aunt whose favorite color is white! 

Hop over to Jingle Belles and see Stephanie's card, plus there's a little prize for one lucky random cardmaker that links up with us this fortnight!


  1. This is something a little bit different for sure Lauren! I love the iciness of it with the added natural elements. Vicky x

  2. I am lucky to have received one of your transparency cards in the past - there is certainly something magical about them. Wonderfully done!

  3. I haven't seen these transparencies before but it looks great, especially with all the elements.


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