Saturday, April 6, 2019

everything circles!

the very awesome birgit koopsen is hosting a fun challenge on instagram this month, it's called "everything circles" and the brief've guessed already, right? to incorporate circles into any kind of project, using any kind of media, each night. you'll have possibly noticed that i love having some sort of theme or challenge or prompt list simmering away in the background. that's because at 10:30 pm, i generally still have enough energy to work on something, but i hardly ever have enough to think up what that ought to be. so having a plan or theme already in place shortcuts me right to working on an actual sketchbook page, when-and-if some freestyle art time materializes. here's what i've made so far:

april 1st 
...happened to fall on mandala monday, so this was a no-brainer, lol. super-vivid colorbursts, pitt artist pens and a few posca paint pens.

april 2nd
when we drive to maryland and back to see jeff's dad, i have just over two hours each way as a passenger in the car. and no, i can never just sit. (if you want to torture a hyperactive person, try to make them sit still and do nothing!!!) so i take my laptop and fiddle away with digital brushes and things. usually i make a new header for my blog, but this seemed like a good time to make something circle centric. at one point this composition had A LOT more circles, but i liked it less. the nice thing about digital design is, you can go back three steps! digital brushes by katie pertiet at designer digitals; digital paper by somerset studio.

april 3rd
one of my favorite things about sporadically minding the store at paper anthology is, unlike other jobs in retail, when it isn't busy, not only are you allowed to get out the colorbursts and fill a page with watercolor circles... such behavior is actively encouraged! for this i used only peony, gamboge and cerulean colorburst to see how many different shades i could make from a limited palette. (the answer turned out to be, "LOTS"!)

april 4th
i think for me personally, this challenge could easily morph into all collage. because i have a lot of collage ideas. (A LOT!) this is the first one, a collage of interesting circles.

april 5th
another digital composition in which the end result actually has less circles than i expected. but i'm cool with being "inspired by" the circles and letting things kind of emerge organically. paper and steampunk diagram brushes by girlfriday from digichick, music brushes by anna aspnes, grungy doily brushes and mixed media butterfly by katie pertiet, designer digitals 

stay tuned, lol...
meanwhile, happy weekend, i hope you have fun and 
that you get to do something creative!


  1. Wow - look at you with FIVE in a row! I love them all, but the musical sunburst butterfly speaks to me the most today. Tom appreciates that I have trouble riding for long periods, because he has recently started having trouble driving for long periods and I'm more than happy to take over - most other activities make me carsick :(

  2. Beautiful offerings, gorgeous colours, love them all.

  3. Love your digital on the road design


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