Saturday, April 20, 2019

even more circles

i'm still plugging away at the everything circles challenge, as time permits. i'm also loving the amazing creations by birgit koopsen and the gang in the instagram hashtag, which are super-inspiring! here's what i made this week:

april 14th
hand-cut circles (from a map and some magazines) stacked, then punched into rings, then snipped on one side so they could be linked together, then glued onto an old gel print with similar colors. 
(for some reason, i really enjoy making strange collaged backgrounds, lol!)

april 15th
mandala monday + colorburst... perfect together! in case you're wondering what order i did everything in: i painted all the colorburst circles and let them dry completely. then i added the circles (using my compass, a couple of rolls of tape, and a bottle cap... i usually like nice neat circles in a mandala) with a few sizes of pit artist pen, in black. then i added some colorful bits with posca paint pens. and finally i outlined a few of those with the smallest (.1mm) pitt pen.

april 17th
behold, i have invented the STICK-doodle!!!!!!! hahahahaha! (ok, sorry) but seriously... i outlined a roll of washi tape to get circles of about the same size; i filled them in pretty haphazardly with tombow dualbrush pens; i added an entire sheet of adorable dog stickers from this month's pipsticks envelope; then added pitt pen and stabilo doodles. 

april 18th
fastest collage ever... vroom vroom! layers of torn, inked, text paper circles sewn onto an old restaurant guest check. and a fab vintage car illustration on top. b/c that's all ya need really... :)

hope you're having a wonderful passover, a very happy easter, 
or just a super-nice weekend!


  1. Wow, Lauren, what an amazing selection of all things circular! You are so very tallented, Jo x

  2. Amazing! Loving the circles in the first two especially.

  3. the linked circles are my favorite

  4. What a fantastic challenge! Each version is creative, resourceful, and so artsy! Love 'em all!


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