Saturday, April 13, 2019

everything circles (update)

i'm still having fun participating in birgit koopsen's "everything circles" challenge on instagram, as time permits. it's never too late for you to join in. you definitely don't have to post every day! for that matter, you don't have to *share* your creations at all, if you prefer not to. but it's a very fun, supportive group on instagram, and you might meet some new friends. i guarantee you will be inspired seeing what others are making! here's my allotment from this past week:

april 6th
i said last week that i could imagine "everything circles" turning into "everything collage" for me. yep. that could totally happen! :)

april 7th
surprise! more collage!!! yes, it's kinda weird... and thus i really like it, lol!

april 8th
what can i say? it was mandala monday, and i was in a colorburst sorta mood! i tried to add more circle and half-circle elements, in honor of the challenge theme.

april 9th
messy, scribbley circles made with a set of stabilo super-fine point pens that i don't use nearly enough. i used ALL the colors... obviously... because why would i NOT?! :) 

after a couple of days that have had more real life commitments than art time, i'm hoping to jump back in this weekend! but truly, it's not an all-or-nothing scenario, and even on the days i don't make anything circle-centric, i'm checking out the posts and noting down the things i'd like to try next!


  1. Love each and every one although scribbles and lotus rise to the top

  2. You sure know how to get around to these challenges. Love them all!


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