Sunday, January 13, 2019

the pitter patter of pattern january

more fun sketchbook goodness, YAY! ♥

day 6: fair
i was thinking of a fun fair, so i went crazy with colorburst bunting. like ya do...

day 7: coral reef
this was a stumper because i decided i had to combine pattern january with mandala monday, which turned out to be harder than i thought. this doesn't entirely work (either as a mandala or a pattern, lol!) ...but... i definitely learned a lot AND got to use wisteria, cornflower and orchid colorburst!

day 8: kitchen
in a very verrrrrrrry tangential take, i painted some beuatiful arabesque tile i saw recently at home depot, that i would love to be our backsplash when we (eventually) re-do our kitchen. 
(technically, the tile i saw was neutral beige-on-beige, but that's not especially fun to paint, kwim?!)

day 9: starts with w
my "default mode" for pattern january is to go with very literal brush lettering whenever i can't decide what to do. this was one of those times. i cannot say i like this as a finished piece, but i had a lot of fun trying to make as many W color names as i could think of into visual patterns. i predict you might see some of my letter styles again, in something a little more finished looking.
(note: i've spelled "wedgwood" two different ways... BOTH are wrong...)

pattern january is devised and hosted by anika starmer, aka a is for anika, on instagram and facebook. everyone who'd like to participate is welcome, in any media they enjoy!


  1. Love to see you patterning away.

  2. Fantastic! That bunting is especially wonderful. (Pssst, I'm not a fan of Wedgwood anyway. (: )


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