Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Have a BEAR-y Nice Day!

Warning: This post contains Diabolical Puns; those who do not enjoy such humor should look away NOW! 

It's Lauren here again with more Valentines. Or rather, one official Valentine and one all-occasion card. But really... you could make them both all-occasion or both Valentines. Anyway, here are the cards in question, they both feature our adorable Eyelet Outlet Bear Brads:

"Bear Hugs" was the first idea that came to me when I saw these lovely little guys and I've made it into a Valentine, but really, you could send "Bear Hugs on Your Birthday" or "Thinking of You and Sending Bear Hugs" or even "Get Well Bear Hugs for You"!  Isn't it nice when cards can multi-task? 

When I thought of the "Un-BEAR-able" pun I was stumped for a bit as to how to use it on a card without being rude, lol! But finally it came to me. 

Of course there are plenty of additional ways to go: "Sending BEARY Good News"... "Wishing You a BEARY Happy Birthday" or even, "I'm em-BEAR-assed that I missed your birthday"! It turns out that Bear Brads are pretty handy to have around! ♥

comes from a very PUNNY family! 
(But you probably guessed that already...)


  1. LOL love the puns...and the cards.

  2. Love these! So sweet and punny.....and excellent papers too.


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