Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Love Ewe...

...more than yarn?! Surely not, lol. Because knitters like myself really loooooove yarn! And also Eyelet Outlet Knitting Brads, which include the beautiful purple yarn our sheep friend is knitting up. There are three more EO products on this card... can you spot them?

Most likely you noticed the purple Heart Enamels, which are a fave of mine. How about the Tape Measure Washi that acts as a mat around the edge? Admittedly, I trimmed the numbers off which disguises it a bit, but I wanted a skinny border, so I chopped it down. Finally we have the fun "I Love Ewe" which is one of the awesome sentiments from our Farm Animal Stamps. Just goes to show you that a little creativity can make familiar products into something new and cool, eh?

I hope you'll be inspired to use your favorite Eyelet Outlet items in your own creative way, as well. For more fab ideas be sure to check in with the design team on the EO Blog!


  1. to cute!!! was wondering how you got the tape measure boarder :) washi tape!! prefect

  2. O this is cute and punny on so many levels. ;-)


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