Sunday, October 15, 2017

(yet another) sketchbook round up

sorry if these posts are boring, but the "experimental" pieces i make late at night are often my favorites, so i feel compelled to make sure they wind up on my blog at some point. this lot is mostly collage, because that's the kind of mood i was in, i guess. there are quite a few roses, as well, since i stumbled upon an envelope of some i had cut out earlier and mysteriously never used. because YES, i save everything, lol, especially if i spent time and carpals on fussycuting! ;)

i am still really into the combination of collage, stamping and washi tape. this might be my favorite take on that method. (ok, maybe the narwhal is still my very favorite, but this one is close!)

just because i've been neglecting my brushes a bit, don't go thinking i've fallen out of love with watercolor generally and colorburst particularly. au contraire. especially rainbows. with doodles.

"glue as you go" is a collage exercise that i love and find extremely valuable. it rarely, if ever, results in a cool finished product. except this time it did.

how about collage plus doodles --with colorburst-- in mandala form? this was my first try at it. you'll definitely be seeing it again though.

whenever i come up with colorburst or gelli print experiments that aren't quite right, i save them for diecutting or fussycutting shapes or patterns. in this case i stamped and grunged up the arch and added torn paper and yes... another rose... (and yes, i'm still loving copper + prussian blue!)

postage stamps + rubber stamps + doodles + markers and liquid metals. oh and there's some washi tape in there, as well. and it's all set on top of an old ledger page.

i still love ink over collage. i love it a lot. especially if there's a mandala involved.
hey lookie there... it's ANOTHER fussy cut rose! this one is on top of a background of random torn papers. with some really light and grungy stamping. with LOTS (and lots!!!) of old, dried out, rub-on transfers that partially stuck to their backers. i still have a bunch of ancient ones left, and i'm really glad i didn't go through and toss out the damaged ones because it turns out i love them in collage form!

i love sunday afternoons, as well, and i hope yours is going especially well!


  1. I always love peeking through your sketchbook, it's hard to pick one above the other but since I love poppies I would pick that one but not because I don't love the rest. AWESOME

  2. Great work as always and yes you must share. X

  3. So in awe of your eye and talent. I love the sketchbook posts.


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