Sunday, October 1, 2017

sketchbook collage roundup

it's a bit of a catch-up roundup, as well, so there are loads of pics to scroll through. please accept my heartfelt, "sorry" ...or... "your welcome"...whichever seems appropriate. for some reason i decided to name these, as well. probably a one-off, but maybe snappy collage titles are my new thing? we shall see.

narwhals, narwhals
not to be conceited, but this is one of my favorite collages i've ever made, EVER, in my whole entire life. the paper source narwhal stamp that stephanie gave me is obviously the star of show, but i think a big part of what i love about this is that for some reason i almost randomly chose COBALT ink instead of black or dark brown to add the stamped bits and it changes everything.

india during the raj
i wish i had placed the cigarette card and it's attendant cluster of elements a couple of inches further to the left, so that more of the map showed. other than that, i'm pretty happy with this one.

buddha in the trees
more or less a clean up collage, using a bunch of scraps that were on my worktable, plus the buddha which i cut from a cool screen print on ledger paper. the photo --an alley of birch trees i took at grounds for sculpture a couple of years ago-- i must've printed out on inkjet transparency at some point and then not used. i do love using photo transparencies in collage. i kind of feel like printing out a bunch of random ones so they're available when i'm collaging. 

pink mandala
it's not exactly a collage, since it's only two itemas; just a mandala i drew on glossy pink magazine paper, then cut out and attached to the index from an atlas.

citrus swimmer
i'm pretty sure the orange child's flashcard was one that kirsty vittetoe found and shared with me when we went thrifting together in las vegas, years and years ago. how it came to have a vintage swimming lady on top and get mixed with bits from architecture and crafting magazines is more of a mystery...

paradise collage
i'm always surprised how often my original collage idea morphs into something completely different because i got inspired or distracted by the colors involved. this is another of my collage + stamping series, i am really loving the combination. this one has some old distressed rub-on transfers, as well. 

next stop eiffel tower
one of the artists i follow on instagram, @yenchin has been making really amazing collages that combine washi tape, journaling and an almost random selection of rubber stamped images. you can probably tell that i've been seriously impressed and inspired by them. since i don't really journal, i add text in the form of vintage book pages. and sometimes giant flowers and cars cut from magazines also make an unexpected appearance... 
(this is why i never worry about "copying" someone else's style; i never have the same ingredients and i always wind up adding some kind of laureny curve ball, lol!)

happy, happy sunday!
happy first day of october!
do something really *FUN* before today is over!


  1. Not, no, not conceited at all. It is stunning and gorgeous and I love it too. All of your colleges are wonderful...the last one is my second fave, it's way cool.

    1. Ack! Collages, not colleges. Though I'm sure if you designed any of them they would be awesome too!

  2. Wowza ... even more amazing seeing them altogether. You could make me a collage to frame for my bday (just sayin')

  3. Lauren, your art is amazing. the collages are so well done and eye catching. I am especially loving your narwhal. the blues and text it all melds perfectly in my eye.

  4. Awesome !!! Yep - I really love the first one best too... I think it's the blue ink :-) These are amazing and I would love to be able to make something like these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Gosh, your collages are just beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!


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