Sunday, April 10, 2016

well, YES, i am a crazy person...

...if that thought's only just occurring, you must be new here: WELCOME! :)

so what's the latest crazy thing i've embarked on, you ask? i've been using all my "extra" (HAHAHA!) time to play along in a really fabulous instagram challenge called "30 days of watercolour" hosted by torrie of fox and hazel. i seriously doubt i'll make it thru the entire month, but at the moment, i'm knocking these out in a few minutes at the end of the evening, and i'm having a blast! as long as both of those remain the case, i'm gonna continue!

day 1: lines
because if you don't specify a color, i will use ALL OF THEM! :)

day 2: red
hmmmmm... how many red things can i draw a wonky version of? 
(...quite a few, actually...)

day 3: your name
coincidentally, someone had just given me a cache of those old-school, vinyl letters from the hardware store and i wondered if they'd work as masks for watercolor?

day 4: pink
hardest thing about this was NOT outlining it!

day 5: wash
the same cerulean blue done as wet-into-wet and wet-onto-dry... with a little blendy green between them so it'd be a little more interesting...

day 6: green
...un-be-LEAF-able... :) :) :)

day 7: circles
note to self: don't decide to fill most of a sketchbook page with circles; but if you do, don't make most of them TINY; but if you do... for pete's sake don't flippin' outline them all!!! 
(it looks coooooool tho... she said immodestly)

day 8: orange
i called this the "tequila sunrise mandala" because of the colors and the fact that i let some of them bleed into each other; partly b/c it looks cool and partly b/c at 11pm i have even less patience than i do the rest of the day! :0

just in case you're looking for a little bit of fun whilst sharpening up your watercolor skills, come along and join in the fun! the prompts are interesting enough to engage us, but still simple enough to be do-able in a short time at the end of a long day. ♥


  1. As always ... an entire post of amazing ... can't even begin to decide which one I love the most.

  2. I really want to see all 30 days now! They're fantastic. I'm drawn to that first one and those beautiful and fun lines!

  3. Awesome, love the name one, but all of them are fab.

  4. Wow these are all fabulous Lauren! Cannot even pick a favorite so in love with them all.

  5. You are so fab... Love the art that comes from your brain! Thanks for the info about the watercolor challenge... You had my attention when you wrote of busting out art quickly in the evening... To me, sounds like bite-sized therapy :-)


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