Thursday, April 21, 2016

watercolor update

yep, i'm still doing @foxandhazel's "30 days of watercolour" via instagram; which is somewhat idiotic b/c i really DO NOT have any "spare" time at the moment... but it's just soooooo much fun i can't seem to resist. ah well, let's just go with it, kthx. :0

day 11: flower
yes, i've totally put these out of order, just so my favorite one can be on top! 
(je ne regrette rien, mes amies!)

day 9: triangles
started out argyle-ish... ended up alligator-y; it happens...

day 10: mother
yes, i have a lovely mother, but i went in an earth day direction b/c i thought it'd be easier to draw a planet than a person. 
(and i was right!)

day 12: blue
wet-into-wet is my favorite way to play with watercolors. just sayin...

day 13: leaves
most of the time, when i can't decide what to draw or paint, i go with a mandala. sometimes the results are better than others, but this one's not a bad mash-up...

day 14: dots
honestly, i thought this'd be a "gimme" and it turned out to be the hardest one so far... it's more difficult than you think to make NEAT/ROUND dots with a paint brush. who knew??!

day 15: masking
the experiment with the vinyl letters and my name (from the last group) went so well, i wondered if i could make a design out of them. yep. it was fun, too! (there's a flipagram here of the steps, it's kinda cool if you like that sorta thing; depending on how you're viewing this, it may start automatically when you click the link or you might have to press the arrow/play button.)

day 16: black
wondering about the quality of your watercolor paint? try using black. water it down... let it dry... take a good look... for better or for worse, all will be revealed!!! 

is welcome to join in "30 days of watercolour" for as many or as few days as they'd like; you don't need to catch up, you don't need to do every day, and it's a really great format for beginners who want to try out their paints in a fun way! check out fox and hazel's blog or instagram account for details!


  1. Oh my goodness these are just AWESOME. well worth the wait to see them all at once. My fav is the Flower I love poppies especially watercoloured ones. Love the blue and the black is so interesting as is all of your projects.

  2. WOW!
    Everything is soooooooo wonderful!

  3. I did look up the challenge and have played along a bit, just on my own. Thanks for sharing the info, and your art! Your dots turned out awesome, but I think my fave here is the argyle-turned-alligator! You make me laugh!

  4. Wow, such wonders of art. I am very partial to the poppies, but then flowers...are my favorites.


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