Friday, April 22, 2016

walkin' in a ♥washi♥ wonderland

if you've been here before, you're probably already aware that i have a mini-obsession* with washi tape. something you might not realize is how many gorgeous varieties of tape are available at eyelet outlet. so this week at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ we are killing two crafty birds with one stone: we're making holiday cards that feature tape (it can be washi, deco, glitter, fabric, packing, etc; from any manufacturer) and we're sponsored by eyelet outlet, who'll be providing a fun little prize! here's my card:

i realize that when i say, "for this challenge i had TOO MANY ideas" it's the creative equivalent of, "no matter what i eat, i just cannot seem to gain weight!" and expecting sympathy. but sometimes, too many ideas are just as un-fruit-ful as too few. in this case, tho, once i slowed down and thought about each one, i was able to incorporate quite a few of my ideas into this card. i was inspired by the ornament washi tape; in fact it might be my current favorite, but don't tell the other tapes, ok?! ;)

the first thing i thought of was to make some ornaments similar to the ones on the tape. i started making them out of patterned paper (like the green one on the right, which is adorned with some eyelet outlet paper flowers and some clear edge bling) but then i realized the golden one should really be sparkly, and it just so happened that i also own some glitter gold washi tape, which i applied in strips, just to add a little more interest. while i was doing so, i realized that the design of the holiday dots washi tape could also be applied in strips, but if i lined up said dots neatly, it'd look like patterned paper, so that's what i did next.

obviously my ornaments needed hangers, and nothing beats bling for that, am i right? the white pearl strips reminded me i also have smaller pearl bling strips in red that'd be great for setting off the original piece of tape i started with, so i added those at the top and bottom. of course i knew exactly how to arrange everything because i had the super-cool current (#408) sketch saturday right in front of me:

need some more awesome "washi wonderland" ideas? why not stop by ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ where stephanie has another gorgeous card to show you. while you're there, check out the details on that eyelet outlet prize and start planning your own bid for world washi domination, darlings!

*the term "mini" being relative, o'course; compared to... say... the alps, my stash of tape is actually quite small... :) :) :)


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