Wednesday, April 13, 2016

a couple of collages...

...cause you know how much i like to glue random things to other random things, lol! :) both of these were based on prompts from #SistersWithHeartInArt... (the instagram art inspiration in which i participate; to which all artists and all media are welcome!) ...the first is for our current prompt which is "TEXTURE"; i may have gotten sliiiiiiightly carried away with adding dimensional items, beads, modelling paste, metallic flakes, crumply tissue paper, etc; but holy moly it was FUN!

last week we had "NUMBERS" and i went a little less lumpy bumpy; mostly i stuck with various vintage papers which had numbers or numerals on: there's an old (written on) ledger sheer, the table of contents from a children's encyclopedia, some play money, a train schedule and a few different washi tapes with rulers, which i especially love b/c they are somewhat transparent and are thus the best thing EVER for layering... plus they are self-adhesive... what's not to LOVE, eh?!

hope that you are having a fun and creative week, darlings, and that you will get to do something that makes you happy before friday has even arrived! ♥


  1. I love both of these! You know, you have me highly intrigued in these insta-challenges... I'm just looked up the watercolor challenge, and now this... Fun, fun, fun...

  2. Gorgeous , love them both, you make collage effortless. but it scares I will just look at yours.

  3. you are so talented with the randome
    bits...they always look meant to be.

  4. Loverly, you can NEVER get too carried away with texture! Deb xo


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