Sunday, April 24, 2016

H2-OH-my-gosh... there's MORE??!

sorry if you're getting thoroughly tired and fed up with watercolor, but the month's* almost over, so bear with me, k? ♥

day 17: squares
may have gotten a teeeeeeeny bit carried away with the doodles... 
(this actually fills a sketchbook page, lol)

day 18: song lyrics
i sing along with the radio or a playlist ALL DAY LONG, 
but if someone says, "write down some song lyrics" i go 
***...utterly blank...*** 

day 19: yellow
hey lauren, didn't you notice that the next day was going to be 'yellow' when you did a bright yellow sun for song lyrics?

day 20: alcohol
many thanks to @foxandhazel for showing a little demo of a technique of dropping rubbing alcohol onto wet watercolor... and hello, new obsession! 

day 21: purple
eerily enough, this was the totally coincidental, pre-set-far-in-advance prompt on the day that prince died. 

day22: tulip
i was going for a bit of a "realistic" shading effect which realllllllllly didn't turn out AT ALL... so i downshifted into funky illustration mode, lol.

*i've been playing along with @foxandhazel's "30 days of watercolour" via instagram; everyone is welcome to join in --for as many or as few days as they'd like-- and those days COULD take place in may or june instead of april, for that matter!!! i'm finding this to be a great way to stretch my skills and try new things, but it's flexible enough for beginners or even kids who want to try out their paints in a fun way! check out fox and hazel's blog or instagram account for details!


  1. awesome, love them all, especially the purple rain one.

  2. what a fabulous group of watercolours, I love them all. It wouldn't be fair to pick just one. Awesome job on the 30 days of watercolour.

  3. Oh these are so fabulous. There is just nothing like watercolor.


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