Monday, March 7, 2016

a collagification situation

several, in fact. mostly made for our sisters with heart in art instagram challenge.  the first is for our current prompt, "LAYERS" and you can see that i've taken that idea VERY seriously. there are a lot (A LOT!) of layers here: layers of paper, layers of modelling paste, layers of drywall tape and lace... a little bit of everything* really!!!

of course anyone is welcome to work on any prompt, whenever they're inspired; there is no need to catch up, or make a commitment, or work in order, or even follow the theme very literally.

but if you have a little time, take one of the prompts that appeals to you, and follow it wherever it goes. then post to instagram with the hashtag #sisterswithheartinart so we can come marvel at your creations! (a complete list of the themes we've done so far is posted here)

last week's prompt was, "PLANTS" and it occurred to me that i hadn't made a stapled collage in far too long, so that's what i did! :)

the week before that we had, "QUOTE" for which i combined a few different stencils (including my own handcut buddha) some fun/funky brush lettering, and a magazine picture of ripply water that i added in by cutting a heart shape behind the buddha and backing the page with the magazine paper. kind of a backward way to do collage, but i really like how it looks so i predict you'll be seeing it again, lol!

wishing you a ♥HAPPY MONDAY♥ if that's not a contradiction in terms; but if it is, i'll wish you a creative and art-filled monday evening, instead! ♥♥♥

*the kitchen sink is not included, but only b/c i've not yet found an adhesive strong enough. it's just a matter of time tho. :)


  1. Awesome collages you make it look easy to do and I know it isn't I love them all. one day you will see me attempt one. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Great post and projects! I'll have to say, that first card is so cool looking (do they even say cool anymore?) Love it!

  3. Seriously girlfriend ... you have such mad skills ... I hope they keep rubbing off on me.

  4. You definitely are a master of layers.


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