Tuesday, March 29, 2016

an EGG-cellent adventure

hey there, happy tuesday! hope those of you who were celebrating had a very happy easter, and that everyone else enjoyed a particularly pleasant sunday! i'm pretty sure that t'internet this week will be full of tips and tricks for using up leftover easter eggs; but as far as I know, nobody is answering the equally important question of what to do with leftover colored egg brads... so luckily, i've thought up a few ideas about that, and posted them over on the eyelet outlet blog today. i'll give you a hint, they involve FLOWERS! here's another hint, lol:

but there are more pics and loads more details on the eyelet outlet blog so g'head and hop over there, crafty darlings! ♥


  1. You are a clever one! LOVE your colors, too

  2. wow, fun colorful and those brads...delightful.

  3. What an eggsellent idea. I know - it was bad. But I mean it.

  4. Fabulous idea for the egg brads. You could involve a chicken too. Great cards, and beautifull colours. I was at my fav. store to buy brads and I got cameras, umbrellas, trains and motorcycles but alas no Easter brads.


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