Tuesday, March 1, 2016

it's MARCH!

which hopefully means that ♥SPRING♥ is just around the corner, woohoo!* let's jump right into the new month with a new challenge from shopping our stash. this one's called "white out" by which we mean you cannot use ANY plain white paper in your project. here's what i made:

patterned paper: maggie holmes/crate, basic grey, k and co, doodlebug + vintage book paper for the letters; journal card of mysterious origins (sorry, it was out of the packet, i have no idea whence it came!); banner and "birthday" stickers: suuuuuper duuuuuper old october afternoon; 8mm pink pearl brads: eyelet outlet; ink: colorbox; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape

ok, so this card is pretty much a reminder that just because there's no white PAPER, doesn't mean there shouldn't be any white space!**  by which i mean, i really really wish that my card base was solid pink or yellow or... well... any solid color rather than the chain link gold patterned paper. but by the time i realized that, i'd already affixed the pennant with all the goodies on, and as newton's third law of adhesives states, "there shall be nothing on this earth stuck together so well as two layers of paper you've decided you hate" so, i'm livin' with it. and i do like all the other fun stuff, which are mostly raided from my "leftover bits" baggie. before you ask, no, the letters are NOT made with an awesome set of oversized alphabet dies, more's the pity. they are actually an ANCIENT set of basic grey's mini monogram chipboard letters that some how i seem to have designated as templates rather than actual ingredients, i guess because they are such an awesome size and font. i traced them on scraps of text paper and hand cut them.

head on over to SOS to see many other fabulous ideas, darlings, my lovely dt sisters await you there! ♥

*i apologize if this rash statement triggers a late blizzard of epic proportions. unless you're secretly hoping for a late blizzard of epic proportions, in which case... A) you're crazy and B) you're welcome! :)

**white space, in artistic terms, is the area in a piece that isn't filled with pattern or text; sometimes it's called negative space or breathing space. it can be any color, though, it needn't literally be white.


  1. gorgeous....love all the different elements

  2. Another gorgeous card! I happen to love the papers you picked, and holy crow! You fussy cut those letters! Amazing!
    I was giggling out loud at your mention of Newton's 3rd law of adhesives! LOVE!

  3. Fabulous card, awesome that you fussy cut those letters, I too was thinking about that Newton's 3rd law of adhesives and yes it's amazing how well it sticks to something you do not like but good for you dealing with it.

  4. ROFLOL, Newton's Third Law Of Adhesives!!! You are too funny but sadly that is the truth isn't it! I think your card is quite lovely despite your misgivings about the background and I am in awe of your fussy cutting skills, those letters look like they are either die cut or chipboard! Thanks for sharing Lauren, Deb xo

  5. Yes-- your Law of Adhesives is too funny and too true. I usually meet up with it when I forgot I wanted something under something else. So it goes. Pretty card! Very creative!

  6. I like the chain link gold patterned paper, I think it looks awesome and sets off all the other aspects of the card!

  7. There is something so wonderful about pinks and golds. Just a very lovely combination.

  8. So pretty and fun! It's amazing how you can put all those elements together and make it beautiful. If I did that, I'd just have a royal mess! Love it!

  9. I like the chain-link background. The colors blend so well and that is such an inspired way to use those letters.


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