Thursday, March 17, 2016

happy st. paddy's day!

hey i know-- let's celebrate with an easter card!!! :) ok, yeah, it's kind of a weird combination, but today just happens to be my turn to show off... (AHEM!) or rather... to present a new project (that's better!) on the eyelet outlet blog, and there are so many fabulous easter themed items at eyelet outlet that i was dying to use at least some of them to make an easter card!

as soon as i saw the colorful easter egg brads and the adorable rabbit brads, i thought, "EGG HUNT!" i was going to do a bit of hand-lettering, but then i found these ancient ki memories pastel chips and thought they'd be perfect... i stand by that decision, lol. so basically all i had to do was use colorburst pigments to paint a little meadow for them all to inhabit. and that was about it. oh i added a strip of stitched washi tape because, let's face it, it's the perfect shade of purple for easter, isn't it? 

of course there are TONS more easter items in the eyelet outlet shop, including (uber-cute!!!) chocolate bunny brads, happy easter washi and egg-shaped bling... there's tons more inspiration on the eyelet outlet blog as well, where my amazing design team-mates are rockin' it every single day! off you go, darlings! ♥


  1. Happy St Patrick's day to you too. What a lovely Easter card, love the use of the letters. and those brads are so adorable. on seeing those cute brads I'm itching to get to the little store in Delhi that sells all those awesome brads from the eyelet outlet.

  2. I love this! Your meadow is fabulous and those brads are super sweet. Totally wonderful card!

  3. Those brads are adorable and just add the perfect touch to your card.

  4. This is an adorable card! It really just emanates "Easter"! You could not have done a better job on the grass.

  5. EEP!!! TOO fun and cute - and adorable! Love those tiny little rabbits on the letters. Outstanding 'grass' too!


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