Thursday, November 12, 2015

is there a 12-step program for stencil addicts??

...not that i'd *GO* you understand... i was just wondering. i think i'm past the point of no return, actually. as proof i offer my journal page for this week's sisters with heart in art prompt, which is "hues of blue":

can you guess how many different stencils i used on this? (if your answer is, "too many" then just scroll down, it gets better, lol) let's count them, shall we: 1. my own handcut buddha from over the summer; 2. heidi swapp butterflies; 3. stencil girl "dots and dashes"; 4. folk art large quatrefoil; 5 and 6. tim holtz flourishes and flowery lace. ok, so six... that's not too many, is is... nahhhhhhh... not even a whole baseball team, for pete's sake!

here's last week's SWHIA prompt, "thankful" for which i didn't use any stencils, just a handwriting background and a sort of tattoo-style design i drew because i've always loved that old school ed hardy look:

this next one we're back to stencils... but only ONE; it's called "1700's building" and it's also from stencil girl, who make these utterly brilliant 9x12" stencils where you can use the whole thing and fill a page or layer it in segments or... whatever. for this one, i was totally "enabled" by my instagram friend saskia, who used it soooooo magnificently that i HAD TO have it! (had to!) next time i think i'll put it over a less-busy background; but i just wanted to have a "play" and this page was an abandoned collage that had a few scraps of vintage paper, a little bit of leftover colorburst, and some handwriting. (i no longer tear out "reject" pages from my sketchbook... i know that at some point i will add to them or cover them up, or use them to test paint colors or... well, i just feel like it adds something to how i work/play if i leave EVERYTHING in there...)

so what are ♥YOU♥ addicted to right now? and would you give it up, if you could, or do you --like me-- find it more fun to wallow and enjoy? discuss. :) :) :)


  1. Wonderful colors and designs Lauren.

    Hugs Diane

  2. Your talent has reached a whole new level. WOW WOW WOW!!! I can't decide which is my favorite. Magnificent stencil usage on #1 and that super cool building on #3…especially the way you colored it…amazing. And I always love Lauren-y handwriting and doodles for the "tattoo." Fab, Miss L!


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