Monday, November 23, 2015

inky AND collagey AND stencilly!!!*

the current theme at sisters with heart in art was set by *ME* (woohoo!) and it's "CIRCLES" so if you have an idea for a card, ATC, art journal page, photograph, sketch, or... well... whatever... take a pic of it, and post it to our instagram group with the hashtag #sisterswithheartinart so we can all come and love it! here's what i did; not at all what i thought i was doing at the time** but i think i actually love it more than the idea which was in my head, so that's nice, right?!

the central image is a stencil... carolyn dube's "opera house" by stencil girl products, actually, and i'm somewhat obsessed with it. most of the rest of the images were cut from magazines, though there are a few bits of music paper that were used to blot something inky or finish up tinted modelling paste or both-- it turns out that even the "rejects" of those are nice when you cut them up... so HOORAY i now have an excuse to save even more and weirder bits of paper!!! :0

would you like an excuse to play with your art supplies and glue things randomly into a journal??! because sisters with heart in art exist entirely to support you in your quest!!! ♥♥♥

*and YES, those are real words! ok sorta real. you knew what i meant, right? then they're perfectly adequate, lol! 

**tell me i'm not the only one this happens to: you set out with A PLAN and the next thing you know you've used THE PLAN as a blueprint for doing everything except that which was in THE PLAN...? i'm not complaining, i'm just marvelling how my art brain takes over at times, i just hope it doesn't start doing that when i'm driving or paying bills or other activities that aren't ummmmm.... "creativity-friendly"! :)


  1. What a fabulous collection of circles. I love the mix of the architectural and the the roman numeral clock and the gear pieces.

  2. So many lovely layers!! I knew as soon as I read your title that I was gonna love your project and I'm not disappointed in the least.

  3. Those are totally words! I am always amazed with how you add more and more and it works!

    And yes, most of my projects end up about 180 degrees from where I thought I was going, usually for the better. :)


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