Friday, November 20, 2015

leftovers *BEFORE* thanksgiving?!

ok, yeah, it sounds a bit bass-ackwards, but that's what we're recommending at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ this fortnight! not leftover food however, instead we're making holiday cards that use scraps, offcuts, an image you colored but never used, the last sticker in the packet or... whatever "leftover" bits and bobs you have laying around.  oh and be sure to *tell* us what your leftovers are so we can marvel at your cleverness! here's my card and then i'll essplain:

except for the cardstock base, ALL the ingredients for this card were "leftovers" woohoo! (tho of course your card can also include as much new stuff as you'd like!) paper scraps: pebbles, ki memories, studio calico; ribbon scrap: making memories (i THINK?!); brads: basic grey; orphaned "jingle" sticker: creative imaginations; santa and sleigh: previously fussy cut from a scanned and resized vintage children's book illustration, but not used at the time; glossy white cardstock: paper accents; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape

but first: can someone pleeeeeeeeeease reassure me that i'm not the only one with a sub-category of supplies that look like this? (...tho presumably yours is less messy and doesn't involve grungy old envelopes...)

in my defense, i make a lot of layery, collagey cards, and i tend to "dry fit" things together before committing to an actual design. so i tend to wind up with LOADS of stickers cut away from their backing sheet, diecuts that were made in several colors before i decided which i liked, and all the usual bits of paper that were too small to live in my ordinary file-folder-like storage but to big to toss away. on the plus side, this sort of arrangement means that for the card above i was able to use ALL "leftovers" and still have plenty of choice, lol!

i used sketch saturday #387 again because i suddenly thought that those little "wings" coming out from the focal section would be cool as a bit of RIBBON threaded through the back of a journal card and fastened down with brads. admittedly this is impossible to see in the main photo, so here's a better shot:

head on over to ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ to check out stephanie's lovely card and start planning your own "leftover" masterpiece!


  1. Gorgeous! Love that Santa/ reindeer image. Yes, I have leftover bits and pieces too-- in a shoebox that's getting rather wonky.

  2. Loving this, especially your vintage focal point! I also have a stash of un-used items but mine certainly do not look as organized as yours!!!
    Hoping I can find time to play along for this one! :)

  3. Lovely!
    You're so good about putting your bits 'n pieces together!

  4. love your card! love this challenge!

    and no, my mess is different. i just have a shoe box in my holiday stuff drawer that holds miscellaneous stuff.

  5. I love coming to visit to see the astounding layers you put together, it is an art form! So fun to be able to use and produce such a pretty card from your left overs. It looks first run to me!

  6. Love your leftover card Lauren, I always think that the leftovers are the best part and your card proves it! And, umm, I just might have an envelope or two (or twenty!) with leftover bits and bobs too and it's not hoarding if you eventually use them 😁 Deb xo

  7. Oh, girl, no, I dont have old evelopes: I have *clear* ziplocks (they are more like grayish from being rifled through and thrown around)! Awesome job of picking up the pieces-- love your card. Love your blog.

  8. What an awesome card! Love that it's all scraps except for the base layer and I love the vintage feel!


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