Thursday, July 2, 2015

more than meets the ICAD

yes, sorry, you'll have noticed i find the I-puns even more irresistible than ordinary ones. plus, i've always said that post titles are the hardest part of blogging and i stand by that judgement. meanwhile, i have some new index cards to show off and here they are now:

029: ice cream
i absolutely forced myself not to outline this in pen after i'd pencil-sketched and watercolored said frozen treats, because i think i rely on the outlines too much. having said that... i kinda miss them... ah, well. (ps the big grey smudges near the soft serve cone were not there when i photoed this the first time; i'm suspecting bleed through from the next page.) 

030: telephone
a phone from my childhood, in the olden days, though of course ours was not pink; i'm not sure pink had been invented yet. and yes, kids, we were tethered to the wall whilst communicating with our dear ones, just imagine that!    

031: trivia
if you are old enough to remember the 80's-- and trivial pursuit-- then this one is pretty self-explanatory. if not, i seriously doubt i could make it seem sensible. so there you go, it's a kind of binary ICAD, lol.

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