Monday, July 20, 2015


*how* can i have managed to not post ICAD cards again for like two and a half weeks??! probably because i've been too busy making them, i guess. i really am having a blast this year! i know i say that every year, but it's always true, and this year it feels especially valuable to be drawing every day. since there are so many, i think i'll break them into a few posts and spread them out over the week. hopefully this will also make my poor neglected blog feel a little less unloved, too, lol. ♥

032: the weather
a few days before this week's prompt list came out, i fell in love with a sweet little illustration on instagram by my fellow ICAD-er, kristin dudish, which leapt to mind when i read, "the weather". i put my own laureny spin on the idea, o'course... :)

033: mad men or i love lucy
i hesitate to tell anyone that i don't particularly like either of these shows, especially "i love lucy", because such news often freaks people out. but one of the things i love about using the (optional!) icad prompts is trying to think of what i could draw or doodle that would illustrate the idea. mad men is set in 1960's manhattan... hmmmmmmm... 

034: flag or independence day
on this night we had seen, from the comfort of our deck, the utterly awesome fourth of july fireworks display the local country club puts on each year, less than a mile away from our house. so it wasn't very hard to think up what to draw, lol!

035: portrait
ok this one stumped me a bit because although i knew right away i wanted to draw a fancy frame, i couldn't for the life of me think what to put in it. i don't really draw representationally... especially not in 3D... especially not people! on the other hand i loooooooooove kawaii food! and who says a portrait has to be realistic OR of people, anyway??! i rest my case. (ps: the downside to working in the bound book of index cards this year is that sometimes the day before bleeds thru or the day after isn't quiiiiiite dry when i close the book. so please to excuse the smudgies that occasionally appear, as they do on this page.)


  1. Love them all ... love the bacon & egg (because I could have it).

  2. Very fun takes! Love the raining hearts and the bacon and eggs-- clever! I've heard of laying waxed paper between pages to prevent smudging; I also put a piece of thin cardboard under the page I'm working on (I have a cheapy art journal that bleeds through otherwise).

  3. You've got such a wonderful take on these prompts. I like that you are using a bound book to work in. I've fallen a little behind again and need to catch up. But you're right - it is fun!

  4. *snicker* A bacon and egg portrait, that's awesome! I think the smudges add to it, wouldn't have thought they were bleed-thru if you hadn't said. Your other icads are wonderful too!

    P.S. Ita with you about I Love Lucy. Don't like the show at all. (Have never watched Mad Men.) So that's at least one person you're not freaking out. :-)

  5. Make it two on the not freaking out...have always disliked ILL...Your ICAD's are so much fun, and the bacon and egg portrait is my favorite!

  6. ACK!! I adore the fancy framed egg and bacon!!! You have MAD drawing skillz lady!!

  7. Great ICAD's Lauren, I'm especially partial to your portrait, a match made in heaven!


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