Sunday, November 23, 2014

xmas books-a-million!

ok, technically, there are only six, but "books-half-a-dozen" sounds waaaaaaaaaaaay too lame, so i took the liberty of exercising a little artistic license! the six books in question are part of some december journal kits i've put into my etsy shop, they look a little something like this:

book covers made of heavy weight chipboard and covered in vintage sheet music from my stash; each music cover has an "over cover" made of a 5.5 x 7.5" piece of hambly transparency that i've decorated with bits of vintage illustration, cut up christmas cards, washi tape, prima, basic grey and petaloo florals and velvet leaves, bits of ribbon and doily... pretty much anything pretty and xmassy that fell under my eye was fair game! :)

they have 25 pages each, made up of some vintage papers backed with patterned paper, some double sided cardstock weight christmas patterns, pocket pages (also made from double-sided cardstock patterns), and some larger old christmas cards trimmed down to fit the 5 x 7" page format. i also made mini christmas ephemera packs (quite a bit smaller than my regular sized ones) to include with each journal, there's a selection of different sized, shaped and themed holiday book pages, music paper, postcards, decorative seals, and even some music-bedecked chipboard reindeer that i diecut especially for this.

i made three of the books in landscape orientation*...

...and three in portrait orientation. this is the size and shape of the december daily book i made and worked in last year, and it seemed like just the right size to be able to fit in lots of nice bits and bobs; but not so big that i felt like i was struggling to fill the pages.

i've been on the fence about whether or not to do december daily again this year, but the more i look at these the more i kind of feel myself leaning towards, "yes"... hmmmmm... where did i put that extra music paper...

*there being quite a few primary school teachers in my family, we refer to these as hotdog and hamburger, lol!


  1. Very nice!! So cute! Good luck selling them too!

  2. Your books are soooo pretty!! Love them Miss Lauren!

  3. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!! Only 31 more days :)


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