Saturday, November 15, 2014

swear if you dare??!

that's the latest challenge (#21) at the sisterhood of snarky stampers, with whom i'm excited to be guest designing* this fortnight:

ok, technically it's called, "p is for profanity" but either way, i'm pretty sure you can already see what the snarks are looking for, right? yepper, this is your official chance to go all the way with the sarcastic greeting card; an in-your-face journal page; an atc that asks the musical question, "WTF?" (with or without the initials!) or, if you're like me, you can take a more humorous approach. i made two cards, although if this fabulous unity stamp that stephanie found was available as a digi, there might've been three. meanwhile, the first card is my favorite, because, well, it's got 1960's sewing pattern ladies speaking in 2014 slang, lol! what's not to love about that?

ladies and sewing pattern info from a 1965 simplicity magazine; patterned paper: amy tangerine/american crafts and basic grey; alphabet stamps: studio g; black glossy cardstock: ranger; ink: colorbox and ranger archival; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape

the next one is jeff's favorite**. in fact, of the elebenty zillion ideas i "tested" on him, it's the only one at which he laughed out loud. although in my defense (sort of) quite a few of the others were fired at him whilst we drove down an especially traffic-laden, construction-based stretch of I-95 through philadelphia, where i seriously doubt that john cleese performing his entire repertoire of silly walks would have received more than a tense smile. but this guy got an actual chuckle, so i had to draw and color a more polished version to make into a card:

cupcakes drawn with faber castell pitt pens (S and XS) on strathmore watercolor paper and colored with tombow markers; patterned paper: dear lizzy/american crafts and basic grey; alphabet stamps: studio g; white glossy cardstock: ranger; caption typed on a scrap of avery clear label; ink: colorbox and ranger archival; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape runner, 3m foam tape

and now i hope you'll check out the awesome creations of the snarky sisterhood although possibly it's best not to be accompanied by any tiny little friends or great big bosses, since i'll remind you that this week, "p is for profanity" and those ladies take their work seriously! ♥

*i won SoSS challenge #19, "h is for hopeful halloween" an honor of which i'm particularly proud, because a pink halloween card was a brand new frontier for me.

**during the creative process, we had a totally serious conversation concerning the relative merits of the cupcake saying "eat me" vs "bite me"; at one point jeff suggested he should say, "go frost yourself!" (complete with a very convincing "joe pesci in goodfellas" accent) which remains the sentimental favorite around here, for obvious reasons! :)


  1. You've done the girls proud! Excellent cards, hun, Jo x

  2. it's 4:30 am and I'm chuckling out loud. These are so much fun!

  3. I love sooooooo much about both of these cards! You totally rocked the challenge thanks for being our super awesomely fantastic guest for the challenge.
    For the record I will be saying go frost yourself several times today LOL

  4. I can't love these cards enough! You ROCKED this challenge, Missy! Also love the nod the the Ministry of Silly Walks (my place of business on my FB page! HA!) and I'm with Donna: I'll be saying go frost yourself a lot today! What a pleasure to have you as our Guest Designer for the Profanity challenge!

  5. Haha! What a creative theme this week. Both your cards are awesome. I especially love the cupcakes.

  6. Awesome cards! Your Cupcakes Gone Bad drawing made a perfect card! Thanks for being a fantastic Guest Designer for the SoSS~P is for Profannity Challenge!

  7. That pattern lady ain't no lady! And she totally looks like the Popular Bitch in HS, if you know what I mean. I'm still chuckling over a snarky Lauren card. :D

    And you DREW those cupcakes?! That's it - you are not allowed to say "I can't draw" any more. If you even try, I'll come up there (over there) and smack you!

  8. Didn't you read the fine print where the guest Queen is not supposed to outshine the Sisters? :D These cards are both awesome. The first one? Love it so much. Second one: not only is it hilarious, but you drew the cupcakes! Yowzer. I may have to steal "go frost yourself" for my own card... you don't mind, do you? ;)

  9. I'm in love with GO FROST YOURSELF! I love the finished card, but that is a contender for another FOR SURE! Plus, stubble on a cupcake? THUD! I love the bitches too :) And I'm so so glad you came to play with us, because you freaking rocked it!

  10. You have been a wonderful guest designer for this challenge. Your tough cupcake with the stubble really made my day! I think you should market these as a digi set complete with the three sentiments. I'm sure you would have a set of snarky downloaders instantly! Thanks for being a fab guest designer for the P is for Profanity Challenge at SoSS!


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