Monday, September 2, 2013

monsta monday, part three

i've saved the best for last. ok, well, actually i love all of my ami's pretty close to equally, but this one is from the creepy cute crochet book, and those are hard to beat for sheer creative awesomeness:

nina is a stealthy and ruthless ninja whose hobbies include stealth and ruthlessness. by day she stalks her prey, but by night... nope... actually by night she stalks her prey, too. nina's pretty much all prey-stalking, all the time. did we mention she's VERY cute? also stealthy. and ruthless.

while we're on the subject, i'd like to post my all-time favorite joke from graphjam:

i should mention that in the year or so since i found this, i've shown it to almost everyone i know and i'm still THE ONLY ONE who finds it funny. which... let's face it... this is not the first time in my life that has happened, lol. but i'm thinking that jessi or jan or possibly leslie might also chuckle, at least a little bit! ♥♥♥

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  1. OK, seriously? What kind of lame-ohs do you hang out with IRL? That's hilarious! Whoever is the lucky recipient of Nina should have to pass the 'do you find this funny?' test first to be sure they actually EARN her :D


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