Sunday, September 1, 2013

i had the nicest dream about daniel craig last night! :)

i'm totally serious. :) :) :)

something else that sounds like something i would make up, but again, this time i have not:

yep. that's my actual fortune from the chinese food we ordered friday night! kind of want to keep going back to that restaurant until i score the legendary, "help! i'm being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!" 

in the meantime, i'm off to give bed bath and beyond the rest of my monies in exchange for some awesome bedding to adorn our guest room. possibly this, but using a few less layers; because that is A LOT of pattern! (and remember it's *ME* saying so, lol!!!) LHJ prefers this, and it's on clearance. but i'd have to buy a duvet to put in it. decisions... decisions...



  1. I hate to do it, (well...not really hate. You made me jealous about your dream last night as my dream featured my bestie telling me my hair looked terrible and then she made me sit while she re-straightened it, all the while tsking at me, which doesn't even make sense in the real world 'cause while we're besties we're so not like that yeah, the Daniel Craig thing made me a bit greenish...) I've gotta go with LHJ on the bedding.

    And since I appear to be taking over your comment section anyways....your fortune cookie reminded me of one time when I was out on a girls' night and the rule was if a phone rang, and it was a hubby calling (it was an impromptu girls' night) we had to pass the phone to the left rather than answer it ourselves. Much more fun at the time (not so much explaining to slightly cheesed off husbands later) than passing the bill to the left. :-) :-) :-) (P.S. I love how it says "...of your left.")

    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend!

  2. Gotta love that fortune:)

    That bedding is sooo you! LHJ being a dude would of course, go with a conservative set. How about conservative but go with a bunch of fun pillows for POP?


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