Sunday, September 8, 2013

(another) super-sized art journal post

still loving the daily paper prompts, generally, and my (rapidly filling up!) vintage ledger art journal, particularly. still finding it hard to photo and post them in a timely manner. so basically this sunday finds me exactly as usual, lol!

029: finishing
this prompt was sort of "freestyle" so i elected to make a super fast collage using only scraps, leftovers, and off-cuts that were sitting on the coffee table next to where i work in the evenings. and not only because it saved me having to clean them all up. which... ok, yeah... it also did! :)

030: invent a font
something i've never done, but want to do again, now!!!

031: art materials color palette
i've been wanting to make one for my brush markers, because sometimes the caps kind of... welllllll... lie!

032: puzzled
the brief was to use a bit of a crossword or other puzzle on a page. i filled the squares in by sewing on lines of tiny flower sequins. weirdly enough, when i checked the back of the book, all of my answers were correct! :) :) :) 

033: messing around with paint
this prompt was guest-hosted by natasha white, and it was a fun one whose title pretty much says it all. as a side note i should maybe mention that i could not seem to get my flung paint to land in anything but droplets of various sizes. maybe i was using too little paint? or too small a brush? eventually, wanting a bit more "connectivity" between my droplets, i spread them around with a brush and then kind of smooshed them together by folding the paper in on itself. i definitely succeeded in making a mess, however, so i feel fully vindicated in that regard.

034: block letters
as with the font assignment, another one that made me think, "i should draw with markers more!" and so i should! (for the record, the list represents all of the states i've been to so far; except i forgot texas!)

035: color grid
this prompt was hosted by hanna andersson and was most enjoyable! i decided to use water-soluble wax crayons, and i machine stitched my grid instead of drawing it with a marker; but other than that i followed directions completely. go, me! 

hope you are having a happy, fun, interesting, relaxing sunday... and that you will find a little time to do something ♥CREATIVE♥ today!!! :)


  1. Wowza ... that is a post filed with inky, painty, fonty, stitchy, puzzley magic ... I love them all.

  2. These are awesome! My fave group of pages yet.

  3. I think puzzled is my fav. I like the sequins on it. Very cool.


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