Wednesday, August 17, 2011

two-for-one (pixified!) GUY CARDS

so you know i've been on a bit of a mission to make a "guy card" per month from my pixie dust paperie kits. for one thing, i enjoy proving definitively just how flexible the kits are, and how easily one can adapt them to fit any style. but also, i happen to know--or be related to--quite a few guys; and from time to time, they need cards. :)

using the rather fab august kit, PICNIC BASKET i've made not one, but two cards. they look a bit like this:

actually, they look EXACTLY like that, and if you'd like to see individual photos and read a little bit about the techniques and products i used, why not pop over to the pixie blog? i am sure you will find many things there to enjoy!!! ♥


  1. Oh, Lauren, I have been waiting for your guy Pixie post. They are some of my favorite because I love how you are able to see things differently. These are both terrific…the "it is your day" card could even be for father's day! Now that is planning ahead :)

  2. Those are great Lauren. I need to make more boy birthday cards. Do you know how many birthdays Logan is invited to every year and soon Leo will be too. AND THEY are ALL BOY parties!! I need to steal some of yours I think.

  3. Wow, two fabulous male cards, like them both.

  4. You changed your banner :-) Love it :-))))


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