Monday, August 22, 2011

tiny butterfly window note cards!

you know me, i like A LOT of layers and i tend to work BIG!!! so this is a week of FIRSTS for me--the other day i showed you my (comparatively) "clean and simple" card for the current JINGLE BELLES prompt; today i'm going to show you some teeeeeeeeny note cards i made with this month's pixie dust kit, PICNIC BASKET!

believe it or not, those babies are only 2 x 3" each! i made them specifically to fit the sweet little envelopes, which i got at a garage sale. i don't think you can MAIL anything as tiny as this* on its own; but what i need are little "all occasion" cards to tuck into a parcel or gift, so that's ok with me.

hop over to the pixie blog to see more photos and read a bit about the products used. plus you can see the other pixies' projects using the PICNIC BASKET kit, and enter the august challenge, "that's my girl"... in short, as always, it's worth the trip! ♥

*you can't; the smallest USPS mailable item is 3.5 x 5"... i checked... you're welcome! :)


  1. Those are so cute!! I want some little envelopes like that. I totally should keep my eyeballs peeled. Love the colors!!

  2. hahaha, just got some tiny envelopes myself :-)

  3. Love these cute note cards... a great thing to have on hand.

  4. sooooo amazing! they are beautiful petite cards.

    lisa a.

  5. SOOO cute! Would make a great little gift! :)

  6. how gorgeous are these? great colours and just a gorgeous design!


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