Tuesday, August 30, 2011

is the cat's name IRENE??!?!?!


many thanks for all of the kind inquiries and well wishes to those of us who were in the path of hurricane irene this weekend. being nearer to the pennsylvania border than the atlantic coast of new jersey, LHJ and i were only on the edge of the storm and completely safe from flooding; unfortunately, we have found ourselves in the wide band of folks whose electrical service went out saturday night and is not yet back on. i realize this is NOTHING compared to what others have suffered both in this occasion and during other disasters, and thus i'm trying not to whine toooooo much, but let me just say that when our power is finally restored there will be no one in the USA more appreciative of their electricity and (especially) their running water!!!

until then i am on limited blogging, emailing and commenting service (i need to physically take my laptop to my mom's house or other "civilized" location!) so please bear with me!



  1. well, stay safe...stinks not having electricity. thinking of you guys:)

  2. hope your power is restored soon! So glad you are safe! HUGS, Cheryl

  3. You poor dear... I can truly understand as we live in an area where our electric gets shut down very frequently... usually not for days though. Looking forward to having you back soon, Lord willing.

  4. So glad you're (relatively) OK!

  5. ohh hoping all gets restored soon.... we are getting some wacky weather now...probably remmants. Take care!


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