Saturday, July 9, 2011

a project just for ♥ME♥!

if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that last year i talked A LOT about bruce mau's incomplete manifesto for growth. and as much as i talked about it, i *thought* about it even more. i felt like it was one of those things that seriously revolutionized the way i think about art, life and creativity.

i bookmarked the link above and went back to re-read it every couple of weeks. at some point i printed it, as well, and whenever i'd find the print, i'd sit and read it all AGAIN. different bits of it would take turns being the most interesting to me. sometimes a point i previously found uninteresting would suddenly strike me with cartoon-lightbulb-style emphasis. "OH!" i would say, "THAT's what he meant!!!"

eventually i decided i wanted to MAKE a keepsake for myself which would contain the entire manifesto... a little book, maybe? ATC's?? i wasn't sure about format or style or, well, anything. but i figured a really good idea would come to me eventually, if i waited for just the right thing.

then july's pixie dust paperie kit, MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM just happened to have a set of pink paislee flip notes in it. if you haven't seen them, they're little diecut tabbed cards, kind of like you find in a rolodex, but waaaaaaaay prettier. these happen to be from the "sweetness" collection and have a lovely floral theme. and immediately i knew these were just the right thing!

i had to make a few extra pages, of course. and then i had to think of how to do the text, and what embellies to use, and how to hold the entire thing together. but really, once i had the flip notes--and all the other pretties-- in the kit, i was good to go!

the photo above shows the cover and gives you an idea of the style. there are lots more pictures, and a description of how i put the project together on the pixie blog today. i hope you'll stop over and check it out. i am particularly proud of this, and especially pleased that i get to KEEP IT! ♥


  1. Fabulous idea!! This is just GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I think I have to have this kit ... it's gorgeous!! ... hoping over to see your creation ... it looks amazing

  3. I adore this idea. I love that you are so inspired by his words that you wanted to create something special for them. Beautiful.

    lisa a.

  4. You are such thee creative genius.

  5. Yep, I agreed with Amy totally, you are a creative genius, and you've made me curious about Bruce and his creation, I googled him and he is amazing, I might not come up with a brilliant mini-book like yours but i am definitely going to jot those down, thanks for sharing Pixie!!!

  6. Genius, Miz L! Kirsty chose perfect bright and happy colors that segway beautifully into your mini book.


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