Monday, July 11, 2011

my two least favorite words...

...are"ROOT" and "CANAL"!!!

i won't bore you with the details, but lemme sum up this weekend by saying that if i'd been offered the chance to swap it for the time last spring when i had the worst stomach flu of my entire life, i would have at least considered making the deal! :(

on the plus side, i discovered that the kozy shack corporation makes MANY fine ready-to-serve products which come in a variety of delicious flavors; some are even sugar free!

needless to say, i was not over-flowing with creativity, and didn't accomplish much of anything, so i'm going to take a couple of blogging days off, catch up a bit, and meetcha back here on friday for the brand new JINGLE BELLES prompt.

in the meantime, if you're looking for something to do, the current JINGLE BELLES prompt is pretty good, if i say so myself. and you could check out the PDP blog where my fellow pixies are rockin' the MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM kit! if you need a laugh, two funny blogs i've recently discovered are: hyperbole and a half (the A LOT is a particular fave!) and postcards to stinks.

right then, i'll leave you to it, i have some very important daytime television to watch; that nice jerry springer has the most interesting friends, doesn't he??!?!

have a lovely week, darlings!
(eat something CRUNCHY for me, ok?!)


  1. Oh! Poor you. May your tongue not get all frozen and stucked out like the nice doggie's.

  2. Sorry I've been missing in action. LOVE the pug pic!! :) Sorry about the dental stuff. Thats what I have to do soon. :( I've been crazily busy this summer and have not done anything paper crafty in almost a month! Don't eat too much ice cream and chicken salad sandwiches. (thats what Lewis lived on when he recently had his dental work lol)I'll catch up soon!!

  3. BIG HUGS to YOU! I'm so sorry. LOVE those cute pics and sentiments. Coming here never ceases to bring a smile to my face. I hope you are able to have one back on your face soon! MORE HUGS!

  4. ohno, miss lauren! hope your teeth feel better soon. take care. big *hugs* steph :)

  5. Ooooh! sounds horrible ... but I'm sending hugs from sunny Majorca .... bet that makes you feel better (Not!)

  6. Hugs to you...... hope you feeling a whole lot better today!

  7. You JUST discovered Hyperbole? OMG, the A LOT post is soooooo hysterical. Actually, they ALL are. :)

    Glad you are feeling better after all that toof silliness. xo

  8. I have had 2 root canals in my life. The first one left me so cranky for days on end that I had to go back to see if he left part of the nerve in there. ACK! I don't like the dentist!!! But I had one 18 months ago and I felt so much better AFTER, that I actually was able to nap. I hope your recovery is speedy, my dear!


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