Saturday, July 16, 2011

wear your party hat, sister!

ok, not to be conceited, but I LOVE THIS ONE!!! admittedly, it's kind of weird... which, me being me, only makes me love it all the more! :)

it's a card made with this month's pixie dust paperie kit MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM... which is utterly luscious, by the way, just jammed with papery goodness from girls' paperie, melissa frances, pink paislee and glitz; fabulous embellies & trimmings from pebbles, webster's pages and girls' paperie... including the stickers i used to make the sentiment here:

it's *UNIQUE* don't you think???!! my young friend allison marie, who graduated from college in june... (HOW did that happen?! she was A BABY like five minutes ago!!!) ...received it for her graduation card, i'm pretty sure she won't have gotten TWO of these! :)

more photos on the PDP blog, plus loads more projects all month from my fellow pixies!!! ♥


  1. I'm betting she gasped when she laid her eyes on that magnificent creation!

  2. Yep, you're a GENIUS!! this ever over the top wonderfulness! wow!

  3. Well lady, you really out did yourself on this one. I always know I can count on you for new ideas... new inspiration... getting me to think! You're the best! This is a FABULOUS card!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I always get giddy when I love a card I made, so I understand. This is so FABULOUS!!! Love the whole vintage feel and that feather is bananas!

    lisa a.

  5. Lovely, and yes, unique! But all of your cards are unique and fabulously lovely.

  6. Beautiful, unique , creative and stunning. Love the feather and I bet you young not so little anymore friend looooved it!


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