Friday, May 16, 2008

they say a picture is worth a thousand words

but for THIS picture, i only need *three* words:

dudes, you're busted!


one cannot blame tipsy and sockrates for wanting to get their hands--are they called hands on a monkey? or...paws...or.....what??--well whatever you call the brownie-scoopers on a monkey, you cannot blame tipsy and sockrates for wanting to get theirs on these!

because these are not ordinary brownies, darlings. noper. these aren't even ordinary "made-from-scratch" brownies. these are "made-from-scratch-using-the-best-dark-chocolate-i've-ever-had" brownies! my friend deborah...who knows i how love really reeeeeeeeeally dark chocolate which isn't too sweet...sent me this, direct from switzerland:

the one on the right? yeah. it's 99% cacao. which, frankly, was too dark, even for me. actually, the 85% (a percentage i have enjoyed in other brands) was not quite sweet enough. in this case, the bar that was 70% was PERFECT. (which is why it is not in the pic. it did not last long enough to be photographed!) but you don't just throw away chocolate that is this rich, this flavorful, and this amazing. so lovely husband jeff and myself--fervent non-bakers that we are--were moved to make brownies.

i'd love to tell you more about this, but every minute i spend at my computer is a minute the brownies are un-guarded.

could somebody please fax me a glass of milk?!


  1. The 85% dark was a bit too dark for me too....I'll have to try the 70%! They have those Lindt bars here at Walmart. Yum!!

  2. Hey Hey Monkey Grrl!!!

    I was surfing here (maybe you know abt this website?!) and thot you might like to peruse the vintage paper goodies...

    Happy Friday!!!

  3. Lady, I love you, but you are EVIL! Tormenting me with those delicious looking brownies that I CANNOT have! NO FAIR!

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... yummy. x

  5. I'm a dark chocolate girl too...yummy, yummy, yummy!

  6. That's just wrong! Now I'm going to have to make brownies... there's drool all over my keyboard! That Lindt chocolate is the best for cooking with... anything you make just tastes so much more delicious.

  7. Who can blame them? I mean, I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on those yummmmmmmmmmmy looking brownies!

  8. ordinarily i'm not a dark chocolate girl (its too healthy you know) however i recently was given some dark chocolate covered BLUEBERRIES (also something i dont like to do ... make my chocolate more healthy by adding fruit)... awesome (sorta tasted like raisinettes... yum :-)) but i would risk it in this case. brownies... and i've never heard of brownie-scoopers as an alternative for "hands... paws...".. i shall have to keep that in mind (DD has brownie scoopers ;-)) enjoy every morsel (if there are any left... shameful mon-kayyyyy)

  9. Lauren,

    I received a message today from Sockrates and Tipsy. They want you to know they were framed! I'm not exactly accusing LHJ, though you might try kissing him for evidence. I think they **may** be telling the truth because their "brownie scoopers" seem pretty clean...

  10. mmmmm Pretty darn good looking to me.....
    and sooo are those cheekie monkies...
    Hope your having a great weekend Lauren...Loin all your latest craetions and posts as always:)x

  11. OMG...this looks so cool and jummie!!
    PLease save one for me.....I'm comingggggggg!!! LOL

  12. Oooh, all my favourite things in one post .... monkeys, chocolate, brownies, and did I mention monkeys?

    Who could want more in a post??


  13. Mmmmmm. I cannot blame the monkeys!


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