Friday, May 9, 2008

all right, all right, i'll stop with the cats!



...ok, eventually...


(yes, i am still obsessed with i can has cheezburger gotta problem with that??!)


  1. I LOVED the Far Side comment you left me. Yes, I remember that cartoon in particular with the blah, blah, blah. I am still chuckling over you clever comment. I love you, girlfriend!

    The self-kleening cat (middle pic) looks a lot like my furry daughter, Skeeziks. I have enjoyed your "i can has cheezburger" posts almost as much as your crafty posts or your dialogue posts (I still love your intelligent mom and her "last peppermint patty" story.)

  2. LMAO, that is just too funny! You totally crack me up!

  3. ahaha, hee hee hee! giggle, snort, snort, snort!!!

    I call my soul sista Mad (short for Madeline : .) so the one kitteh's title has a double meaning!!!

    you crack me up!!!


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