Friday, May 2, 2008

mrs trashy is TOO KIND!!!

recently my dear blogging friend trashalou* celebrated her 100th post with some blog candy... she had a random drawing...and i won the grand prize!

and what a prize it was!

wanna see?

awww...g'waaaaaaaaaan** KNOW you wanna see!
(and you KNOW i'm gonna show you even if you don' there!)

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, innit? look at those totally amazing MOO CARDS! and there's chocolate, as well!

eventually i opened the prezzies.

(i started with the chocolate, obviously, but then i neatly closed the packet up again to give the impression that i have SOME restraint!) (be a sport an pretend you believe it, ok?!)

there's a really REALLY cool miniature fountain pen with an adorable knitted-pattern cat on it...and pretty purple ribbons...and wooden stars...and little candies...and a lipgloss that not only LOOKS tastes almost as good as that chocolate!!! (almost!)

but the piece de resistance*** is THIS:

a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL, one-of-a-kind, custom, hand-painted, trashalou masterpiece!!!

but wait...there's more...see, it's not just an ORDINARY's a treasure box...with three tiers of shelves for my love letters and secret trinkets!!!

which leaves me with only two things to say:

thing one: thank you, thank you, thank you, missus trashy! you are too cool, too kind, and waaaaaaaay too talented!!!


thing two: can somebody pleeeeease send me some love letters and secret trinkets?? :)

*her blog is called TrashCan and it'r t' should read it!

**does anyone else love father ted as much as i do?? mrs. doyle is my favorite character. the best father ted/mrs. doyle exchange EVER... in my the one i have (hopefully) embedded at the very bottom of this post...g'wan and watch's got cocaine in it!

***that's french for "piece of resistance"! (no seriously! i swear! SEE??!)


  1. Our next door neighbour is a dead ringer for Mrs Doyle - seriously!

    *blush* you are too sweet. I'm glad you like it.

  2. how have i never seen mrs doyle before or father ted? who are these people (aside from being hilarious and frightening like friends and family members....???)
    i watched them all! LOL
    not surprising you'd have something like this here missy - you DO make me laugh :-)

  3. I too have been on the receiving end of a fabulous package from Trashy recently .... she puts together a good gift, doesn't she?

    And that very episode of Father Ted was shown here only the other night. Such a shame that FT died so suddenly and only 3 series were made :(

    Like Fawlty Towers though, you can watch them over and over again and never get bored. Well ... I can.


  4. Mrs Doyle is truly a goddess amongst women. She is also my personal role-model when it comes to brewing up. Incidentally, would you like a cup of tea? Because I could make you one. It'd be no trouble. No, really. I'll just make you one then, shall I? OK. Coming right up. :o)

    PS I've never made cocaine cake though, to the best of my recollection...

  5. This video is GREAT! I have never seen this Mrs. Doyle & the priest before. I love it!


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