Friday, May 30, 2008

operation 18: FIVE SENSES

seeing as how it is national "catch up on paper adventure" week, i am...ummmmm, well...trying to catch up on my paper adventure pages! :)

operation 18 sounded easy...but for some reason...for was not. i don't know WHY it was not. possibly where i went wrong was in trying to make it into my IDEAL things to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. or maybe it was the decision to capture them using only words? (i am SO not the writer i would like to be!!!) all i know is: i struggled with it, and i am still not 100% happy...but i have decided to print it, post it and move on to the next thing!

i do like the design of my page, which i made digitally. and of course, obviously, i love the things i picked to represent my ideals. and i think it's always good to try something a little different...and push yourself a little bit further...even if you don't quite achieve what you set out to do.

(software: broderbund printshop; fonts: nip and tuck, BObmono)

at least, that's my story...and i'm stickin' to it!

happy friday, darlings!

hope you had a wonderful week!


  1. Oh, I disagree whole-heartedly! I think you write wonderfully. I anxiously read every word and find you even funnier than my favorite funny author and Jersey-girl, Janet Evanovich.
    My favorite parts of operation 18 are what you wrote for "see" and "hear".
    And did you know what my FAVORITE meal is? DH's too? Indian buffet! Yum! I hope they have veggie samosas, chicken masala, palak paneer, chicken vindalu, chicken kurma, biryani, nan, butter chicken, pakoras,...

    gotta go now..I gotta find out what time Angeethi opens for lunch...

  2. very cool.
    and who cares if you over thought? maybe that is the point?

    looks great.

  3. Hi dear Lauren,

    Thank U for your sweet, adorable comment on my little blog! I love yours, too.....
    Have a wonderful, paperful friday too with love and fun....
    Scarppy Jen D.

  4. Lauren! I LOVE it! are you kidding me?! I think that you write beautifully!
    and Mmmmmm! Indian buffet!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Nicola xx

  5. All good writers are their own worst critics...nothing that you put down on paper can ever convey the wonder that exists only inside our imaginations... I think you rocked it and that you are a much, much beter writer than you give yourself credit for...I mean we don't all come here JUST for the pretty pictures....although more Daniel Craig never goes astray!!!

  6. first i want to say i think you are pretty cool about posting stuff that you are not entirely sold on - that takes a lot of courage (and my reason for doing the blogs i've got cos i knew i needed to put stuff out there - the good and the bad - in my opinion - to push myself and get over my insecurities) -
    2nd i really love it. like the design and colors and i like reading the things you put down (whether or not you feel they are just the right ones well that is life - always:-)) i like that you did it digitally just for a change of pace or whatever your reason - good to mix it up and try new or realatively new. i believe it was quite successful but of course it doesnt matter what i think LOL!
    i think its interesting you chose to go without photos. maybe you could try no words and only photos... :-) if you feel you'd like to revisit the whole deal. and finally thanks for sharing it. dont be too harsh on you. YOU are too fabulous for words!


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