Saturday, February 24, 2024

TURTLE-y Awesome

Meet Shelly Turtletaub, the cutest Sunflower Turtle you've ever seen! Ok, possibly the only Sunflower Turtle you've ever seen. Even as a keen Amigurumian* I've only just stumbled upon the bewilderingly awesome world of crocheted novelty turtles** there are strawberry turtles, cupcake turtles, pancake and bacon turtles, (I swear I'm not making this up!) cherry pie turtles, bowl of cereal turtles, succulent turtles, ice cream sundae turtles, cheeseburger turtles and every kind of flower turtle you can possibly imagine, including (circling back to Shelly) Sunflower Turtles!

This Crochet Sunflower Turtle Pattern from Heathers Boutique US Etsy Shop was made by special request. I used Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand Yarn, but to achieve a slightly larger turtle (from snoot to tail Shelly measures about 11") I held two strands together and used a J hook. Colors used: Honey (shell); Mustard (petals); and one strand of Sweet Pea with one strand of Dusty Green for the rest... a combination I devised because I didn't have enough of either color to make all the parts; as it turned out, the slightly mottled coloring is much more Turtle-y than either would've been alone! (I had a Bob-Ross-style "happy accidents" moment when this occurred!) :)

If you were going to design a "Crossover Creature" what would it be? Off the top of my head, my favorite ideas so far are... let's see... Banana Stegosaurus? Daisy Jellyfish? Ice Cream Cone Planets? Hmmmmm... 

*Probably technically not a word, but it should be!!!

**Seriously, there are soooooo many and plenty have free patterns available, but I've LINKED TO the strand on Etsy because it had the most photos in one place together!

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  1. Love this! Will definitely be Googling novelty turtles.


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